Dynamic Logistics

At IBT Global Logistics we have developed a business culture based on what we call Dynamic Logistics.

This concept helps us understand our customer’s challenges, needs and goals, so that we can offer them best in class and effective solutions to help them achieve their goals, all within a competence framework and service integrity where security, quality standards and performance are not an option.

At IBT GL we are in the business of providing integrated solutions where technology, logistics and communications are key drivers to delivering excellence. In our company, our relationships with our customers are based on trust; this is why we offer customized service that guarantees our clients will receive personalized support, and that they will always be able to count on courteous, expert professionals who are ready to address their concerns proactively.

Thanks to our Dynamic Logistics model, we offer a wide range of pick-up and delivery options that include:

  • Door-to-door
  • Port-to-port
  • Door-to-port
  • Port-to-door