Specialized Services

IBT Global Logisitcs provides a wide array of specialized services to meet any logistics and transport need.

Specialized services at IBT Global Logistics include:

Oversized Cargo - If due to size or complexity, your cargo is not suited to fit the space within a standard container, we can assign a group of experts to determine the resources required for its proper handling and transportation.

  • Warehousing.
  • Crating.
  • Organizing the transport of crates, unpacked machinery, vehicles and construction machinery, oversized packed items or heavy cargo.
  • Handling of pick-up/delivery.
  • Obtaining special permits when necessary.
  • Rigging.
  • Preparing the necessary documentation of import/export, customs brokerage.
  • Maritime insurance.
  • Supervision according to client requirements.

Special Cargo - When it comes to products of high value or requiring special care, IBT GL has the expertise, experience and infrastructure to ensure they’re handled properly. In these cases, we are equipped to offer:

  • Handling of hazardous cargo.
  • Unbroken cold chain product transport.
  • Cargo insurance.
  • Document certification and authentication.
  • Letter of credit handling.

Special Projects - Designed to handle specific requirements for niche type of goods such as paper, pulp, cardboard, chemicals or pharmaceuticals, IBT GL has access to the special equipment and properly trained staff to provide your cargo the specific care required. We also have the resources to transport sensitive materials and high value cargo. With years of industry experience, we understand that each shipment we transport requires special care.

Emergency Services - When the transport of any cargo is of immediate urgency, IBT GL has the capacity to respond with agile charter services. We assist all our clients personally, offering them a wide range of services that are always suited to their needs.